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Having a Protect-A-Child pool safety fence installed around your pool helps keep your children or grandchildren from falling in by accident; but, there are other pool and water safety tips that should be followed, too. The answers to the puzzle in this post are four of the basic rules you will want to follow when you have a pool safety fence installed.

  1. Watch your children when they are around the pool—Your pool fence is an excellent barrier for your pool, but you should still have an adult on alert, watching your children or grandchildren when they are around the swimming pool. This will help to ensure that you avoid the items listed above and keep your backyard a fun and safe place.
  2. Keep toys away from the pool when it is not in use—A beach ball or other toy left in or around the pool can attract the attention of children, who may try to get to it when you are not around. By keeping all of the toys outside of your pool fence area, you will help deter children from trying to get near the pool.
  3. Keep furniture away from your pool fence—Just as I mentioned in the last point, kids may try to get into the pool area if there is something they want. Having a chair or other climbable furniture near your pool fence may provide easy access over the safety barrier. So, move any patio furniture to a safe distance away from your pool.
  4. Keep towels off of your pool fence—Over time, towels, and especially wet towels, hanging on your pool fence can weigh down on the material and cause it to sag. This sagging can make your pool less safe and cause your pool fence height to drop below the required barrier fence height. Not to mention, a sagging fence is not very pleasing to the eye.

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