Pool Safeguards Frequently Overlooked

Protect-A-Child Pool Safeguards and Locking Gate

A Five Part Series

Part One

Parents should not completely let their guards down, regardless of their installed pool fence.   Once protection is put in place, we have to consider how our little one(s) will try and circumvent the safety we have so lovingly provided.  An often-overlooked area is the pool patio and common pool accessories. Children can be very resourceful, so we must constantly consider what they might use as a climbing aid to help them get up and over any barrier.  Remember, a child’s viewpoint is around three to four feet, and barriers can simply inspire their resourcefulness to help them gain access to the attractive swimming pool on the “other side”.

So, what should parents do after their Protect-A-Child Pool Fence is installed?

  1.  Make sure you are using our locking pool gate and our SureSafe SystemTM.  Many children are fascinated with locks and barriers.  Our SureSafe SystemTM ensures safety by preventing access to an unsupervised pool, both through the gate and by lifting the pool fence out of the pool deck. That said, even with these pool safeguards and self-closing gate, some parents need to use the lock and key feature, because some children are more persistent than others where hard boundaries are set.

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