Unexpected Safety Hazards Around the Pool

Whether you’re a pool owner or a guest at someone’s home, being aware of unexpected safety hazards around the pool can be a matter of life and death. What may seem harmless could be just the opposite.

As part of National Water Safety Month, let’s highlight some things you should be aware of the next time you’re around the pool.

Arm Floaties

Many parents will tell their kids to put on their arm floaties before going into the pool. But, using those floaties could end in tragedy. Floaties can fall off in the pool and can make it difficult for kids to roll over if they end up face down in the pool. When kids have floaties on, parents may be more inclined to look away which can also lead to accidents.

Rather than wear floaties, children should have a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket on if they don’t know how to swim.

Pool Drain

While a pool drain may look innocent, the strong suction can end up trapping a child and even an adult. Pieces of clothing, hair or even limbs can get sucked into the drain. Don’t allow children to play near or sit on a pool drain. Pool owners can invest in specially designed drain covers that can help avoid accidents.

Toys in the Pool

Sure, toys in the pool are meant to be fun. But, for a child lurking around a pool, they can be an unexpected distraction. A child may become so interested in what they see in the pool that they may just jump or fall in to see it. This can be deadly if that child doesn’t know how to swim. The best way to avoid this is to clear all toys out of the pool and securely put them away when no one is in the pool. Save the toys for when there are adults in the pool who are watching children as they play.

Diving boards

Diving boards also fall under the category of things that are meant to be fun but can also cause a hazard. Children should be kept away from diving boards, especially if they don’t know how to swim. There should always be an alert adult on hand if there is a diving board present when children are around. Adults should also be careful to use diving boards appropriately.

Pools without Fences

Many states require fencing around pools for the fact that they can be life-saving. There should be a fence around the pool with a lock so that no one can get in the pool area when no one is around. Children may love to play in the yard, innocently go near the pool and accidentally fall in when no one is looking.

In order to avoid this scenario, it’s important to install a sturdy fence around your pool with a durable lock. For more information on pool fences and locks, contact Protect-A-Child Pool Fence.

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