A Savings Plan Will Help with Baby Proofing Your Pool

Many families with pools and children postpone baby proofing with a Pool Fence.

 Are you one of these families?

There can be many reasons for delaying, but budget constraints are usually the main one.    Similar to buying life insurance, a pool fence is not an investment anyone gets excited about.  That is, until an accident happens.

The Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Story from Protect-A-Child on Vimeo.

By having a savings plan in place, you’ll be ready for your pool fence installation next spring.

If you live up north, your pool is probably closed and covered, so now is the time to take advantage of any late season specials or to begin planning financially for the spring.  Setting aside a few dollars each month and getting on the “spring install schedule” early, will assure your pool is ready to enjoy come spring time and allow you to save a few dollars in the process.

With some basic measurements, your local Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Dealer can give you a rough estimate of costs right over the phone.  They may also be able to apply any fall discounts to your early spring install.  You have from now until May to plan for protecting your family.  Savings plans like auto-draft banking options,  can set aside dollars into a “fence account” each week to make paying for it this spring painless.

Your family is worth this investment, especially if you’re in the infant season of life.  Babies become toddlers quickly and spring draws them outdoors.  Baby proofing with a Protect-A-Child Pool Fence is one investment you will NEVER regret!

Find your local dealer and start your budget planning for next pool season!

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