Protect-A-Child is Working to Keep Your Home Baby Safe®

Underestimating Your Child – A Price No Parent Wants to Pay.

As proud parents and grandparents, we have a tendency to overestimate our child’s gifts and abilities where positive outcomes are concerned.  That said we can sometimes be guilty of underestimating their abilities and resourcefulness (sneaky tactics) when dangers may be present.  Is your home ‘Baby Safe®’?

For most, it’s common to lean towards optimism in most day to day scenarios.  However, where your child’s safety is concerned when it comes to preventing pool drowning, we must all learn to recognize and take steps to prevent potential dangers.

Mom and Dad didn’t think they needed a pool safety fence until they caught their little boy practicing his newfound skill of opening the door.  It is this false sense of security and assumed sense of control that catches parents and grandparents off guard.   Protect-A-Child provides this security, to parents through our fences for homes globally. 

Thanks to Protect-A-Child of Atlanta, this pool is now secure.  That little boy is exercising his newfound freedom to the pool deck with new discoveries.  What is priceless to Mom and Dad is they no longer live with the fear that comes with an unsecured pool and a toddler.

Help Protect-A-Child wage war on childhood drownings!  Every family deserves a pool that is ‘Baby Safe®’.  Find your local dealer HERE.  

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