Why Pools Need to be Secure at All Times

If you own a pool, you may think you only have to keep an eye on it when you’re sitting around it or having people over for a party. But, danger lurks 24/7, especially if you don’t have your pool fenced in.

Consider this story out of Kansas.

A 2-year-old boy accidentally drowned recently after he crawled through a dog door of a home where he and his parents were staying and into a swimming pool. The boy’s father found him in the pool and immediately pulled him out. While he tried to resuscitate him, he was unsuccessful and the boy died.

Although no one was around the pool at the time, and everyone was inside of the home, the pool, in this case, still posed a danger. This is why having a pool fence and secure latch around your pool is vital. If the pool had a fence that was locked, there would have been a better chance of avoiding this type of tragedy. It would have been very difficult for a 2-year-old to unlock the pool area and get in the water even if he tried.

Many people don’t think that scenarios like this can happen, but we know they happen all too often. That’s why we encourage all pool owners to install a pool fence. There is a variety of styles, so there’s bound to be something that will fit your pool. This way there’s no excuse not to install a pool fence. There is also a wide variety of pool openings to choose from. From self-closing gates to manual ones, you can choose the type that best suits your needs. With so much versatility, you can always find the right pool fence.

Visit Protect-A-Child Pool Fence today so that you can find the right products for your yard. Our team of experts will advise you about the best fence and lock for your pool so you can have a fun and safe summer. Have the peace of mind of knowing you’ve done everything possible to secure the area around your pool.

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