Fencing Requirements for Above Ground Pools

When you have a pool, safety is priority number one. One of the easiest ways to prevent accidents and drownings is to install a pool fence.

The tricky thing about pool fences is that the requirements differ from state to state. Generally speaking, here are some things to consider if you are looking into fencing for an above ground pool.

  • Many insurance companies will require a pool fence in order to get coverage.
  • Several states have fence requirements that say the minimum fence height needs to be at least four feet above the pool structure or four feet above the water level of a filled pool. The space below the fence or gap must also be no more than four inches.
  • Typically, a pool fence is required if the body of water is at least 18 inches deep.
  • If there is a deck around the above ground pool, that may affect the requirements in some states, so you need to check your local laws. But, many do stick with the four feet pool fence rule.
  • If you are getting a gate installed with your fence, gate latches must typically be located on the pool side of the gate, at least 54 inches above the bottom and 3 inches below the top of the gate.

The best thing to do if you are considering becoming a pool owner is to look into the requirements for where you live as well as with your insurance company. Your local government will advise you about any special permits needed as well as fences with and without a deck surrounding the pool.

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We will educate you about the types of pool fences available so you can choose the right one for you pool. To learn more about installing a pool fence at your home visit Keeping you and your pool guests safe is our business.

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