Safety Precautions That Should Be Taken Around the Pool and the Ocean


While the beach and the pool both include water to swim and have fun in, there are certain safety precautions that pertain to each one specifically. Being aware of each will help keep your days from turning tragic.

Ocean Safety Precautions


Only swim where lifeguards are present. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or not, do not swim in areas where there are no lifeguards present. A dangerous situation can happen at any moment and you may need the help of a lifeguard.

Beware of rip currents and rough waters.  If the seas are too choppy, swimming may be prohibited. Be mindful of that as well as rip currents. Rip currents are narrow channels of fast-moving water and can pull even an experienced swimmer under the water with deadly consequences.

Keep an eye out for aquatic life. Jellyfish and many other sea animals should be avoided. If you spot one, especially a jellyfish, steer clear because you don’t want to get stung!

Swim only in daylight hours. While there may be an appeal to a nighttime swim at the beach, you never know what could be lurking in the waters. Keep swimming time to daylight hours.

Pool Safety Precautions


No diving. Many home swimming pools are not deep enough to support diving. Tell your guests there’s no diving at your pool. Diving in shallow water can lead to serious injury.

Wear a life-jacket. If there are kids and adults who do not know how to swim, be sure they wear a U.S. Coast Guard certified life jacket in your pool.

Always supervise children and do not allow horseplay. If there are kids in or around the pool always make sure there is an adult supervising and paying attention to what is going on. This includes not allowing horseplay. What may start out as a game in the pool can end in anything but fun.

While the safety precautions for pools and oceans may differ, they all have one goal in mind…to avoid tragedy. Being proactive and aware can make all the difference!

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