5 Pool Hacks Everyone Should Know

After you’ve had a pool for a few seasons you begin to know a few tricks that would have saved you time and a few headaches! When the light bulb goes off, you often say to yourself, “why didn’t I think about that sooner?”

Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about pools and can share these pool hacks that everyone should know.

1. Chip Clip Your Towel. How many times do you fix your towel on your lounge chair when you’re sitting by the pool? Instead of constantly playing the game, use chip clips to keep it in place. When you’re done for the day you can take those clips and use them to close the chip bag you put out for snacks.

2. Keep bugs away with dryer sheets. If bees or other insects are “bugging” you and keeping you from enjoying your day at the pool, leave some dryer sheets around to repel them. The smell helps keep bees away. Plus, the scent is much safer for everyone than some bug sprays on the market.

3. Hula Hoop Solar Heat Rings. You want your pool water to be warmer but you don’t want to spend money on a heater because it can cost you hundreds of dollars. Hmmm…sounds like you’re out of luck. Well, not quite. Grab some hula hoops at your local dollar store and wrap black plastic garbage bags around them. Throw them in the pool and let them float. The black plastic will absorb the heat which will warm up your pool.

4. Tennis anyone? If you’re cleaning up after a pool party you may notice a film that develops over your water. That’s the residue left behind from people’s suntan lotions, hair products, and natural body oils. Yuck! In order to get rid of it easily and without chemicals, drop a few tennis balls into your pool. The tennis balls will absorb any of those oils left behind.

5. Storage box & table/seat in one. When you have a pool you know there are a lot of toys, goggles, and other accessories that are often lying around. Not only is this dangerous because it puts people at risk for tripping and falling, but it also looks messy. There are deck storage boxes that can double as a seat or a small table. Keep the lid down to sit or put your drink on and lift it when you want to grab a pool toy. You can store all of your accessories in it. Call it functional organization!

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