Safe and Fun Pool Games

If you have a swimming pool then you know it’s the centerpiece of many parties and get- togethers. Whether it’s to cool off or to splash and play, there are plenty of fun and safe pool games for kids to play while they’re in the pool. Here’s a look at some games to try the next time you’re in the pool.

Swimming Pool Scrabble

For this game you need some common kitchen sponges and a marker. Write a letter on each of the sponges, and then toss them in the pool. Have children retrieve as many letters as they can. When they have all their letters, see how many words they can create. You can make this game age appropriate and also have them put the letters they have in alphabetical order.

Frisbee Ball Toss

Take Frisbees and turn them upside down. Write numbers inside each of them and scatter them around the pool. Toss a ball towards the Frisbees to see where the ball lands. You earn the number of points written on the Frisbee that the ball lands on.

Swimming Battleball

Similar to volleyball, use beach balls and aim to get your ball into your team’s goal while keeping the other team from scoring.

What time is it Mr. Shark?

This game works the same as “What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?” Have one person at one end of the pool and all the other players at the other end. The players ask “What time is it Mr. Shark?” When Mr. Shark shouts back the time, the players have to take that many steps (i.e. five o’clock equals five steps). After a few times, Mr. Shark can tell that it’s dinner time, signaling time to catch someone to be the next Mr. Shark.

Mermaid Bingo

For this game, put numbers of various toys and floats in the pool. One person calls out the numbers and all the other people need to go and find the toys with the numbers on them. Whoever can find the toys with the right numbers, wins.

Remember, when playing games and just relaxing in a pool, those who can’t swim should always wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket to keep safe in the pool.

Always be sure to keep your guests safe with the proper safety equipment. Installing a pool fence is an easy way to keep everyone safe. To learn more about installing a pool fence at your home visit Protect-A-Child Pool Fence .

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