The Dangers of Pool Covers

You may think that when you cover your pool at the end of the season, you’re done worrying about it until the next pool season starts again. The truth is you need to always be aware of what’s going on in and around your pool all year round, even when it’s not swimming season.

This is especially the case when it comes to covering your pool. Although the cover is protecting the pool and any water inside of it, there is a danger lurking on top of it.

When it rains the water on top of the cover has nowhere to go, so it collects and puddles right where it lands…on top of the cover. That standing water can become so deep that small children and even pets can drown in it.

There have been several tragedies in recent years where small children have drowned after they were playing in the yard and fell into the water that collected on top of the pool cover. Some of that water can amount to well over one foot deep in some cases. That’s enough for a small child to drown, especially one who does not know how to swim.

In order to avoid standing water from collecting on top of the pool cover you can use a pump to remove it regularly. Although this may not keep your pool cover completely dry, it will keep the majority of the water out so that it does not puddle and pose a danger.

Another way to keep everyone safe from the water that collects on top of pool covers is to invest in a pool fence. By installing a pool fence around your pool, even in the off season, you are protecting small children and pets from falling in and potentially drowning. To learn more about installing a pool fence at your home visit Protect-A-Child Pool Fence .

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