Danger Can Strike in Seconds Near the Pool

Owning a pool, whether it’s private or public, comes with the responsibility of not only keeping the pool clean but also safe. In the case of a public pool, this means having the right staff in place and the right safety measures, especially anywhere that children can be found.

You should have the right equipment like U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets and the right equipment installed around your pool, like a pool fence. When a pool fence is installed properly and secured, it will keep people out when there are no lifeguards on duty. This can be instrumental in preventing drownings.

In Long Island, New York, a 6-year-old girl was rescued at a town pool after she was found lying face down in the section that was 4 feet deep. Luckily she was revived and survived the ordeal. But, this story just goes to show how a day of fun can change in a matter of seconds. Thankfully someone saw the girl in time to save her.

But, in many cases, stories like these don’t have happy endings. Sadly, they can end tragically and many of them can be avoided. In this case, the point to drive home is to always keep an eye on children near the water. This is true when they are in the pool and when they are simply just around it.

Also, always take the right safety precautions. While the pool in this story was open and being used at the time, keeping it fenced in and locked when it is closed and there are no lifeguards on duty is key. That’s why you want to have a pool fence that is not only sturdy but one that has a secure locking system.

If you are interested in learning more about secure, sturdy pool fences, contact Protect-A-Child Pool Fence today. Speak to one of our staff who can educate you about the importance of having a pool fence installed and about the products we carry. You’ll see why so many people rely on Protect a Child Pool Fence to keep their pool safe.

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