Protecting Children from Distractions in the Pool

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Protecting Children from Distractions in the Pool

Being a pool owner means taking on the responsibility of keeping people safe when they’re around your pool. This not only means providing life jackets but also keeping the area around your pool protected with a pool fence.

If you still haven’t installed a pool fence around your pool, consider this story out of Indiana…

A 2-year-old boy was swimming with his mom at a personal pool when he got in and took his floaties off. His mother was nearby but looked away from him for one short moment. When she turned back, she didn’t see or hear him. That’s when she noticed he fell in the pool. By the time he was pulled out, he had already turned blue around his nose and mouth. Luckily, the little boy was alright. But all too often these types of stories don’t have a happy ending.

It turns out the boy fell in after he was distracted by a toy in the pool and went to reach for it. There’s no word whether there was a fence around the pool or not. Whether there was or not, it’s evident that the fence was not secured when the boy was around it.

Having a pool fence installed and locked can keep kids out of the pool when there is no adult supervision, especially when there are things in the pool that can easily distract them. Having a pool fence is a good start, but keeping it locked, especially when kids are around is even more important. As you can see it only takes a split second for an afternoon of swimming to turn into a near tragedy.

If you don’t have a pool fence and are interested in installing one, contact Protect-A-Child Pool Fence today at 772-398-3400. We can educate you about the importance of having a pool fence installed at your home. Call us today so we can start making your pool area safer!

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